A Sweet (and healthy!) Summer Treat.

To replace ice cream, smoothies, and other deliciously sweet summer foods that threaten to add calories and white sugar to your diet, I hereby suggest the following: frozen bananas.  Put bananas (it works better if you peel them first) in paper bags or wax paper in your freezer.

Then, if you just want an ice cream or fro-yo type dessert, put the banana in the blender with any type of extra you want – dark chocolate, frozen berries, etc.

Sometimes to make a smoothie, I put the banana in with frozen berries, some orange juice, and a container of vanilla yogurt for some protein.  More orange juice = more like a drink; less orange juice = more like frozen yogurt.

It’s healthy, low fat, and delicious!

(Just make sure to buy organic/free trade bananas!)

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