Product Spotlight: Bach Flower Remedies

One only has to turn on the television to know that drugs are prevalent in today’s society.  There are drugs to help children focus in school, to help you fall asleep at night, to help men  still have sex as they get older, to keep women from getting pregnant – to treat just about anything.  Modern medicine is indeed a marvel, but sometimes I wonder if we are a bit too quick to put ourselves on drugs.  The body is seen as unnatural and diseased.  Sometimes we would rather take a pill to fix a problem than to deal with it naturally.  Now, I understand that many people are actually in need of the prescription drugs they take.  I do.  But I also wonder about the side effects.  If you recall my earlier post about the contraception debate, I wrote that the thing that terrified me most about going on the birth control pill was the uncontrollable mood swings that were a potential side effect.  Personally, I don’t like to take anything that will alter who I am as a person.

However, my acupuncturist introduced me to Bach Flower Remedies.  These are essences from natural plants.  You add a few drops to your glass of water or water bottle and just sip it throughout the day.  There are no side effects.  While these do not drastically alter your mood, they support you in a natural way to help you deal with stress.  They also require you to think a little bit about what is causing your stress.  Each one does something a little different.  For example, Red Chestnut “helps when you find it difficult not to be anxious for other people, you are afraid that some unfortunate things may happen to your loved ones.”  Star of Bethlehem “helps when you experience serious news, loss of someone dear, the fright following an accident etc. The distress and unhappiness feels unbearable.”  I took both of these for the year after my father died.  It didn’t make the pain or sorrow or grief go away – time is still doing that – but it made it just a little easier to get through the day.

Again, these are not prescription drugs.  They are natural, and they have no side effects.  They’re also much cheaper than drugs are – about $13 for one bottle, and since the dosage is measured in drops, the bottle lasts for quite awhile.  These are sold in health food stores and are also available online.

Be well!

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