Gas Prices Are Not A Political Issue

Please read this article (written a year ago, but still applicable) about gas prices.  Then stop complaining about them.  Obama isn’t keeping you from your American dream.  If your dream is to own a gigantic, gas-guzzling SUV, then maybe you need a new dream.  And, this isn’t just a Republicans attacking Democrats thing.  When George W. Bush was president, the Democrats attacked him when gas prices rose.  Clinton was attacked before that.  It’s a cheap political shot that unfortunately sometimes works because voters will be feeling the pinch at the pumps – and it’s a lot easier to find someone to blame (like the president) than to face the reality that someday, there will be no gas to pump at all.

In eighth grade geography class, we learned that oil is what is called a nonrenewable resource.  I am by no means a scientist, but this is how it works, from my admittedly non-expert viewpoint.  Oil is a resource that took millions and millions of years to form.  Oil has been around since before humans walked the earth.  Once we use up all of the oil  that exists on the earth, there will be no more.  Hence the term “nonrenewable.”  

Isn’t it time that we treated the energy crisis as a catalyst for change instead of making gas prices political?

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