It’s the principle of the thing

Please enjoy this latest update on how female legislators are fighting back:

The debate these days isn’t about pro-life or pro-choice.  It’s about a man’s ability to tell a woman what to do.

Yes, abortion and contraception are moral and ethical dilemmas.  In no way am I trying to downplay this.  Let’s look at the even bigger picture, though.

Here’s the thing, gentlemen: Women can vote now.  We can hold property.  We can earn a living.  We can get divorces.  We can play organized sports – and even professional sports.  There used to be legislation preventing us from doing all of these things.  Now women have full legal rights.  It seems to me that this contraception debate is only a little bit about the ethics and a lot about the control.

Life is never going to be the way it was.  Women know what it is like to have freedom in their lives, and we are never going to accept less.  Some of us want to grow up to be firefighters.  Some of us want to be fashion designers.  Some of us want to be mothers.  Some of us want to be lawyers.  Somewhere out there, I firmly believe there is a little girl who will grow up to be the president of the United States.  The thing is – President, wife, mother, lawyer, or all of the above – it’s a woman’s choice.  If someone told a little boy growing up that he had to be a father, had to be an accountant or an insurance salesman so that he could have kids and support them, we’d be limiting his choices.  If a man chooses to have a vasectomy so that he can never have children, I think perhaps his parents would be sad that they’d never have grandchildren but no one would think twice about it.

So to the men of the world: please find within yourselves the testicular fortitude to recognize that women, not you, control their reproductive health – and, for that matter, everything else about their lives.

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